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G3 A Micro Cell

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Price: 2.95
  • Voltage: 1.55 Volt
  • Capacity (Amp Hours): 45 mAh
  • Warranty: 45 Day Return
This 392 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery is 1.55 V and has a capacity of 45 mAh.This battery is a replacement for Eveready 192, 392, S312E; Vinnic: S736, L736; Renata 13, 2; Duracell D392, MS312; Varta V392; RayoVac 392; Maxell/Toshiba SR41W, SR41, LR41; IEC SR41, LR41, A3, V3GA; Other # SG3, GP92, AG3, 92AThese are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries. Replacement For: Alba: Calibre V031, Calibre W610, Calibre Y446, Calibre Y476, Calibre Y486, Calibre Y651, Calibre Y652, Calibre Y723, Calibre Y729, V031, W610, Y446, Y476, Y486, Y651, Y652, Y723, Y729 Berec: BSR41H Bulova: 247, 247B, 247D Casio: QW27, QW28, QW30, QW309, QW31, QW35, QW46, QW47, QW50, QW51, QW54, QW55, QW59, QW88 Citizen: 280 13, 280-11, 28013, 280-13, 280-18, 9240, 9250 Creador: 0531, 0534, BC25, M929, S023, S024, S026, S027, SO23, SO24, SO26, SO27 Duracell: 10L125, D384, D392, D392/384, MS312 Energizer: 192, 325, 384, 392, S312E ESA: 942.711 ETA: 942.711, 94271.711 Eveready: 192, 325, 384, 392, S312E Gold Peak: GP92 IEC: SR41, LR41, A3, V3GA Lassale: 0531, 0534, BC25, M929, S023, S024, S026, S027, SO23, SO24, SO26, SO27 Mallory: D392 Maxell: G3, LR41, SR41, SR41SW, SR41W, SR736W Micro Cell: G3A CNB National: SR41W, SR41, LR41 Omega: 9909 Panasonic: LR41, SP392, SR41, SR41SW, SR41W, WL-1 Philips: 392 RayoVac: 384, 392, 47S, RW 27, RW47, RW47 Renata: 13, 2, 384, 392, 49 Seiko: 0531, 0534, BC25, M929, S023, S024, S026, SB-A1, SB B1, SBB1, SB-B1, SB-D1, SB-E1, SO23, SO24, SO26, SO27, SR/TR41W, SR/TR736W Sony: 392, SR41SW, SR41W, SR41, LR41 Timex: K Toshiba: LR41, SR41, SR41SW, SR41W, SR41WK, SR736W, WG3 UCAR: 192, 325, 384, 392, S312E Varta: 547, V384, V392, V392(547), V392/547, V547 Vinnic: S736, L736 Other #: 92A, AG3, G3, GP 392, GP392, GP92, L736, LR41, S312, SG3, SR41, SR736, S-92, Z392 Works with these devices: Belkin: Quadra 4-in-1 pen Digital Thermometers: Norelco HT986, Poly Medica Healthcare 9707, 192 BUTTON 192, Vicks V965, Vicks V966R, BD 524034, BD 40300 For Nike Watch Models: WC0001, WC0002, WC0003, WC0007, WC0012 Mayco Alarm Chrono, Thai Airways watch, Men's Size with Thai Numerals white, Disney Bambi, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, and Lion King watches, Tissot Digital F1 Quartz. Subaru SVX key fob remote
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