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Lgip-430a Battery

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Price: 19.95
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volt
  • Capacity (Amp Hours): 700 mAh
  • Warranty: 1 Year
This LG CE110 Replacement Battery is made with high quality parts and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. This battery can be used to replace these batteries: LG: 420g, ARIES KP210, AX585, CB630 INVISION, CE110, CELLO, GS170, INVISION, KP100, KP100 RUBY, KP105, KP105 RUBY, KP106, KP106 RUBY, KP106B, KP106B RUBY, KP210, KP210 ARIES, KP215, KP215 SCORPIUS, KU380, LGIP-430A, RUBY KP100, RUBY KP105, RUBY KP106, RUBY KP106B, SBPL0089901, SBPL0093301, SCORPIUS KP215, UX585 RHYTHM
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