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Oem 2402 24 Vdc 2 A Cliplight

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Price: 132.95
  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • Capacity (Amp Hours): 2 Amp
  • Warranty: 1 Year
24 Volt, 2 Amp Switch Mode Battery Charger Alternative Available: 24 Volt, 3 Amp JAC0324 Charger by Schauer Aluminum-cased 24 Volt, 3 Amp Battery Charger with Clips Worldwide Universal AC Input 90-260 volts, 50/60 Hz Charge control: Starts with a modified constant current charge, then to a constant finishing voltage, finishing with it's float standby mode. Fully Automatic: This charger can be left on the battery indefinitely without overcharging. Have a specific connector, like for Bruno chairlifts? You can splice from your original charger to this charger with out voiding your warranty. 24 VOLT / 2 AMP: Microprocessor based charger for applications from charging to maintenance for small to large lead-acid batteries commonly used in; On-board and Off-board applications, specially designed for electric scooter, power wheel-chairs and patient lifts among others. Specifications: Output: 24 volts / 2 Amps (nominal) Input: Hardwired Universal / IEC plug 90-245Vac, 50-60Hz Dimensions: 4.25" Wide x 1.75" High x 6" Deep Connector: Alligator clips Product Features: Full 3 LED Display: 1st L.E.D. indicates power on, 2nd indicates current being delivered to batteries, 3rd indicates battery is charged & charger is in float/maintenance mode. Constant Current State: Charges at Constant Current until the bulk charge is done and then switches to the Constant Voltage Stage. Constant Voltage Stage: Charges at Constant Voltage until the battery system is fully charged then switches to the Pulse mode. Pulse Mode: This mode is most seen with older batteries. Yellow and Green LED's will blink slowly. When batteries hold their surface voltage the charger will enter float mode Float Mode: The charger maintains the battery and monitors its capacity. User Friendly Fuse System: The design allows easy access to all fuses without disassembling the charger. The line-input fuse is integrated with the IEC universal plug and carries also with it a replacement. The output fuse is located beside the output connectors and is an easily replaceable ATC automotive fuse. Switchmode Technology: Charger uses much less power than standard linear chargers and the design has an above 78% efficiency. Full metal (aluminum) housing reduces E.M.I. emissions drastically.
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