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Walmart Deep Cycle Batteries 12 Volt Trolling Motor Batteries

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Price: 43.95
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
The last trolling motor plug you'll ever have to buy... This battery connector set from Battery Tender is normally used for salt water trolling motors. Color White Rated at 100 Amps continuous service Stainless Steel Hardware (Internal & External) American-made silver-plated, solid copper terminals for years of use and abuse Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets also Available 5 Year Limited Warranty Battery Tender's DC controller plug incorporates a vibration-proof stainless steel spiral locking mechanism which ensures a firm connection between the battery source and your DC-powered equipment. The silver-plated copper alloy terminals and high impact UV protected glass-reinforced thermoplastic housing prevents corrosion. Designed for all 12 volt through 48 volt two wire DC applications. Includes a five year limited warranty, covering material and workmanship. Perfect for: Trolling motors Electric reels Downriggers Battery chargers Downloadable Help Documents: Install Instructions Installation Data Cutout Model
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